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You are reading the Teku development version documentation and some features may not be available in the stable release. You can switch to the stable version using the version box at the bottom of the screen.

Updated on November 12, 2020

Teku API Objects

The following objects are returned by Teku REST API methods.

Beacon block

Returned by beacon/block.

Field Type Description
root Byte32 Block root of the beacon block.
beacon_block Object Object containing the block details.

The beacon_block object contains a message object with the following signed beacon block details.

Field Type Description
slot uint64 Block creation slot.
proposer_index uint64 Index of the validator that proposed the block.
parent_root Bytes32 Root of the parent block.
state_root Bytes32 Hash root of the state.
body Object Fields for the various beacon operations.
signature Bytes96 Signature of the beacon block.

Beacon block body

The body field in the beacon_block object contains information about operations on the current state.

Field Type Description
randao_reveal Bytes96 BLSSignature of the current epoch.
eth1_data Object A vote on recent ETH1 chain data.
graffiti Data, 32 bytes Vanity data populated by validators.
proposer_slashings Object Proposer slashing details.
attester_slashings Object Attester slashing details.
attestations Object Objects containing attestation information.
deposits Array Sequence of deposits, ordered chronologically.
voluntary_exits Array Lists of voluntary exits of validators.

ETH1 data

The object contains ETH1 chain data information.

Field Type Description
deposit_root Bytes32 Hash tree root of all deposits in a deposit contract.
deposit_count uint64 Number of successful validator deposits into the contract.
block_hash Bytes32 ETH1 block hash that contains the deposit root.


Attestation information for the block.


Produces a blank signature field for the /validator/attestation endpoint, which the validator later signs.

Field Type Description
aggregation_bits Bitlist List of bits containing a single bit for each member of the committee.
data Object Attestation data signed by the validator (or collection of validators).
signature Bytes96 BLS signature of the attestation.

Attestation data

Field Type Description
slot uint64 Slot that the validator or committee is assigned to attest.
index uint64 Index of the committee making the attestation.
beacon_block_root Bytes32 Block root of the beacon block for the assigned slot.
source Object Checkpoint (epoch and root) during the assigned slot.
target Object The checkpoint (epoch and root) attesters are attempting to justify.


A list of validator information returned by /beacon/validators.

Field Type Description
pubkey Bytes48 Validator’s public key.
validator_index integer Validator index within the beacon state.
balance uint64 Account balance in Gwei.
validator Object Object containing validator information.
total_size uint64 Total number of validators.
next_page_token uint64 Next page number of results.


Field Type Description
pubkey Bytes48 Validator’s public key.
withdrawal_credentials Bytes32 Validator index within the beacon state.
effective_balance uint64 Account balance in Gwei.
slashed Boolean true if the validator has been slashed, otherwise false.
activation_eligibility_epoch uint64 Epoch when the activation criteria was met.
activation_epoch uint64 Epoch when the validator was activated.
exit_epoch uint64 Epoch at which the validator exits the blockchain.
withdrawable_epoch Object Epoch at which the exited validator can withdraw funds.
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